Since 1893     

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     The band was formed in 1893 as the Westminster City Band. In 1916, many members of the band went into the Maryland National Guard under the heading "First Regimental Band of Maryland National Guard" and were sent to the Mexican Border. Then in 1918, the band went to France for WWI. After the war, those returning members and those who remained behind reformed the band into the "Westminster Band".

     In 1950, the tan uniforms were changed to the Green and Gold that we now wear. It was then that the band reorganized under the current name "Westminster Municipal Band" and the city government pledged some financial support. A Color Guard was added in 1961 and is now the trade mark that separates us from the crowd.

     Many changes have taken place including the introduction of female members in 1984. Today, we have members from several counties in Maryland and from Pennsylvania and Virginia. The band's schedule is primarily active in the summer months with many small parades and with the Maryland State Firemens' Convention in Ocean City, Md. The band has attended that parade and convention since 1957. We celebrated our 100th anniversary in May of 1993.